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Commission Update 17/06/2023

Location Change.

We wish to advise we have changed location of the august round from Tynagh to Kiltorcan.
This change was made for operational reasons.
Apologies for any inconveniences.

Statement on the death of Craig Breen – 13/04/2023

Craig Breen 1990 – 2023

All of those involved in MI Karting are deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of our former multiple Irish Karting Champion, Craig Breen.

While Craig was known as an extremely talented rally driver, before he sat in a rally car, he was Irish Karting’s most decorated Champion and served as an inspiration for the generations of Karters who followed him.

Craig Breen was Ireland’s most decorated Karting Champion and I, like many still involved in the paddock today, was lucky enough to watch him rise through the ranks and witness a special talent. Those of us involved in Karting knew at a very early stage that he would go on to have a successful motorsport career. Craig became a consummate professional athlete who never forgot his Irish roots and returned to compete at home on many occasions. That he still drove a kart whenever he could, showed his first love was never lost. While he has passed too soon, his legacy will remain especially for the karters who continue to follow him and dream of a professional career like his. The whole paddock’s thoughts are with the Breen family.” – Kieran Coleman, Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission Chairman

Commission Update 27/03/2023

The Motorsport Ireland Circuit Licence and the permit for this weekend’s race at Kiltorcan Raceway limits the number of karts on track at any time to 24. To cater for classes with larger grids, the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission has decided to implement a split-grids procedure, the details of which are published below.

These regulations will apply to any class where the number of entries for that class exceeds the limit for the circuit.

The Kart Commission is open to hearing opinions on these regulations up to 6pm on Wednesday March 29th, at which time they will become the official regulations for the remainder of the season.


Commission Update 14/03/2023

All competitors are restricted to 2 sets of wet tyres per event. The wet sets of tyres will need to be scanned at pre event scrutiny. Only tyres scanned at pre event scrutiny will be allowed. Komet and Maxxix wet tyres must be supplied by Tillotson.

Commission Update 19/02/2023


For 2023 we have introduced a 3 digit race number with each class designated a specific number sequence. The EVA system will automatically allocate your specific race number, for example:

  • Novice cadet will be 1##
  • All cadets will be 2##
  • All X30 junior will be 3###
  • an so on

It is important you enter your details correctly on registration especially the correct class from the drop down menu.

Do not enter your race number when registering leave box blank.

EVA will automatically e mail your edit code and also confirm your race number as soon as the registration is done.

When registration is complete we would ask you to transfer the registration fee to complete the registration procedure which will then allow us prepare your 2023 championship ID card.

Commission Update 09/02/2023


Please note Rule 2.2 Appendix 70.3 From January 2023

The only engine seal permitted will be one supplied by Murray Motorsport

Cadet Novice Class

Engine: Iame Gazelle

Exhaust Restrictor: 13.5MM

Tyres: DUNLOP SL3 SLICK & KT3 WET TYRE. (Restricted to 2 sets of slicks for season)

Minimum Weight: 97KG

Age: 7-12

This class will specifically be for novice cadets and will run separately from the main cadet field. This class will replace Bambino Class in our championship in 2023.

Each driver will need approval from the kart Commission prior to registering for this class.


We have decided to use the Komet Yellow Tyre (K2M X30 SLICK) in 2023. We have also dropped the minimum weight to 161 KG.

The tyre will allow faster lap times which was a requirement from the drivers in this class. It must be noted that these tyres will wear considerably faster than the previous Red Komet so each driver will need to manage his/her tyres on race day. Competitors in this class will as in previous years be restricted to one set of slick tyres per meeting.

Commission Update 15/09/2022

Following a number of enquiries on cadet class for 2023:
The Motorsport Ireland Kart commission have no plans to introduce the IAME Water Swift engine in 2023.

The cadet class will continue using the current IAME Gazelle engine in 2023.

Commission Update 08/06/2022

Attention all competitors it has come to our notice that there is an increased risk of fire when charging the newer light weight batteries. We would like to remind everyone that it is a requirement to have a fire 5kg extinguisher at each paddock space 8m x 6m.

Please note we will be checking the presence of the extinguisher.

Commission Update 08/04/2022

The modern airbox is the only permitted airbox for the X30 junior, senior and masters classes.
The use of the gauzes are optional.
The older model airbox is no longer allowed.
For references go to the X30 fiche in the technical regs on this website

Commission Update 20/03/2022

For the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship the Cadet class will be restricted to four (4) sets of Maxxis slick tyres for the season.

The wet tyre for the Cadet class is also Maxxis.

Commission Update 17/03/2022

Update on the Cadet chassis regulations for the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship.

Any 950 CIK homologated chassis and 900 mm MUK homologated chassis maybe used.

The first 2 rounds will be open to either chassis, however, after round 2 a competitor must decide to use either chassis for the remainder of the championship.

No changes will be allowed from then.

The chassis choice will be controlled by by the EVA management system.

Commission Update 08/03/2022

We have had many queries on availability of Dunlop Tyres in the last two weeks and following discussions with Anderson, the distributor of these tyres, it is clear that there is an ongoing supply issue.

As a consequence, we are left with no other option but to change to another tyre.

We have secured a supply of Maxxis tyres and these are available at Tillotson in Tralee.

We apologise for this late change. We were guaranteed availability of the Dunlops in January when a decision was taken to stay with the, however now it appears supply is not reliable.

Commission Update 25/02/2022

The Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission confirm that the 2022 Championship will permit both IAME and Comer Bambino engines to be used.

Commission Update 16/02/2022

Having looked into the matter of the tyres for the IAME X30 classes, the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission have decided to stay with the present tyre, the Komet K2H, for ALL IAME X30 classes.

We have carried out tests on a number of options; however the K2H is the only viable tyre for these classes.

We considered performance, durability and, most importantly, supply of tyres.

In the final analysis the K2H was the only option.

We intend to continue to look at other possibilities in this area throughout the season.

Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission Launches Girls on Track

Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission, led by chairman Kieran Coleman is pleased to launch ‘Girls on Track’ which will support Irish female Motorsport Ireland (MI) license holders, who are competing in MI Karting events across Ireland from the age of six years upwards.   

Motorsport Ireland Kart Racing is an all-inclusive sport catering for both male and female competitors and is one of the few sports where male and female competitors can compete together on a level playing field from an early age.

The MI Karting Commission wants to ensure that young girls competing in Karting are supported, encouraged and given equal opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in the sport.  

Kieran Coleman, Chairman, Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission commented: “Through MI Karting Girls on Track, we want our young female competitors to feel that they are part of the MI Karting family and show that kart racing is open to women, in all of its aspects of sport, no matter whether they are a competitor, official, mechanic, sister, daughter or Mum.”

John Naylor, President, Motorsport Ireland said “We want to encourage more females into Irish motorsport and karting is a great place to start from as early as 6 years of age.  Through Girls on Track, Motorsport Ireland will nurture and support our young female license holders so that they can reach their full potential here in Ireland and internationally.” 

The objectives of Motorsport Ireland Karting Girls on Track are as follows:

  • Develop a programme of activity which will help young motorsport Ireland female licence holders to reach their full potential
  • Develop social and educational programmes in order to encourage greater participation of women in motorsport.
  • Support young female drivers with mentoring, coaching, physical training and sports psychology
  • Increase the visibility and profile of all the female drivers in our sport
  • Demonstrate that women are recognised and valued by the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission.

An open forum meeting for Girls on Track will be held on Wednesday 26th May at 19.30 via Zoom to kick of the 2021 Karting Season.   Please contact if you would like to attend.

For the most up-to-date information on the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship and how to get started, visit email  or