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Updates from the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission will be posted here – your only source for up to date reliable information on the current championship.

Commission Update 29/09/2022

Drivers attending the IAME World Final in Le Mans this year do not require an International Race Licence. A national race licence, with permission to compete at the event from Motorsport Ireland is all that is required.

Entrant Licence holders will also be able to use their National licence, with permission from Motorsport Ireland to attend the event.

Drivers, Parents and\or Entrants should contact Motorsport Ireland on or call 01 6775628 to request a permission letter via email.

Commission Update 15/09/2022

Following a number of enquiries on cadet class for 2023:
The Motorsport Ireland Kart commission have no plans to introduce the IAME Water Swift engine in 2023.

The cadet class will continue using the current IAME Gazelle engine in 2023.

Commission Update 10/08/2022

IAME have allocated Motorsport Ireland the following entries for the 2022 IAME World Finals in Le Mans, France.

  • IAME Cadet – 3 places (to compete in the Water Swift X30 Mini class)
  • IAME X30 Junior – 3 places
  • IAME X30 Senior – 3 places
  • IAME X30 Masters – 1 place

The total cost of entry for the event is €1100, with IAME providing a discount of €400 for qualifying drivers to bring the total to €700.

For Cadet, Junior and Senior the places will be allocated to the top three drivers in their class in the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship who meet the eligibility requirements. Where one of these drivers opts not to take up the offer Motorsport Ireland may, at their sole discretion, offer a place to the fourth eligible driver. Additional places will not be offered to drivers outside the top four eligible drivers.

For Masters the place will be offered to the highest placed eligible Masters driver in the X30 Senior class in the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship.

IAME have requested that the Kart Commission submit the names by Sunday August 28th. As a consequence, we will be awarding the places based the championship positions after Round 6. In accordance with the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship regulations for a reduced championship season, this will be a six round championship for the IWF2022 qualification with drivers counting their best 5 pre-finals and finals. Drivers with disqualifications in any event will be required to count these scores.

This does not affect the main Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship, which has eight rounds.

For those drivers who do not qualify for one of the Motorsport Ireland allocated tickets it will still be possible to register for a wildcard entry on September 1st. Full details of this process will be outlined on the website.

Commission Update 02/08/2022

The MI Kart Commission intend to enter a team in the kart endurance event at the FIA World Games.

The event will take place in Marseilles, France, in the last week in October.

Drivers will be part of a team of four. Competitors must be over 17 years old and hold a valid Motorsport Ireland competition licence.

This is an arrive and drive package where the kart is provided.

Expressions of interest can be made to

Commission Update 26/07/2022

Due to the unsuitability of the track at Watergrasshill we are moving round 8 of our championship to Whiteriver.

This round will now be held on the 25 of September a week earlier than the initial date.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Commission Update 08/06/2022

Attention all competitors it has come to our notice that there is an increased risk of fire when charging the newer light weight batteries. We would like to remind everyone that it is a requirement to have a fire 5kg extinguisher at each paddock space 8m x 6m.

Please note we will be checking the presence of the extinguisher.

Commission Update 08/04/2022

The modern airbox is the only permitted airbox for the X30 junior, senior and masters classes.
The use of the gauzes are optional.
The older model airbox is no longer allowed.
For references go to the X30 fiche in the technical regs on this website

Commission Update 23/03/2022

In reference to Tillotson T4 club rounds.
As per the announcement of December 2021 there will be 3 rounds on the MOTORSPORT IRELAND championship for T4 senior and T4 junior.
T4 senior will run in R1, R3,and R5
T4 junior will run in R2 R4 and R6
All 3 rounds will count to the championship.

Commission Update 20/03/2022

For the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship the Cadet class will be restricted to four (4) sets of Maxxis slick tyres for the season.

The wet tyre for the Cadet class is also Maxxis.

Commission Update 17/03/2022

Update on the Cadet chassis regulations for the 2022 Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship.

Any 950 CIK homologated chassis and 900 mm MUK homologated chassis maybe used.

The first 2 rounds will be open to either chassis, however, after round 2 a competitor must decide to use either chassis for the remainder of the championship.

No changes will be allowed from then.

The chassis choice will be controlled by by the EVA management system.

Commission Update 08/03/2022

We have had many queries on availability of Dunlop Tyres in the last two weeks and following discussions with Anderson, the distributor of these tyres, it is clear that there is an ongoing supply issue.

As a consequence, we are left with no other option but to change to another tyre.

We have secured a supply of Maxxis tyres and these are available at Tillotson in Tralee.

We apologise for this late change. We were guaranteed availability of the Dunlops in January when a decision was taken to stay with the, however now it appears supply is not reliable.

Commission Update 25/02/2022

The Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission confirm that the 2022 Championship will permit both IAME and Comer Bambino engines to be used.

Commission Update 16/02/2022

Having looked into the matter of the tyres for the IAME X30 classes, the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission have decided to stay with the present tyre, the Komet K2H, for ALL IAME X30 classes.

We have carried out tests on a number of options; however the K2H is the only viable tyre for these classes.

We considered performance, durability and, most importantly, supply of tyres.

In the final analysis the K2H was the only option.

We intend to continue to look at other possibilities in this area throughout the season.

Commission Update 12/11/2021



Commission Update 24/09/2021

MI ROUND SIX – ATHBOY 26/09/2021


Everyone attending this weekends race must complete the below COVID form:

Commission Update 23/09/2021

MI ROUND SIX – ATHBOY 26/09/2021




To maintain social distancing, there will be no physical driver’s briefing at this weekend’s racing.

Briefing notes will be prepared by the COC and handed to each driver at sign-on. You will also receive an email with the briefing note. A copy is also be available below.




Commission Update 26/08/2021


Here are all of the details you need for this weekend’s racing, we’ll update here with more news as we get closer to the day so please check back.

Please note in-line with COVID-19 guidelines our events remain unopen to spectators and only participants and their assigned mechanics and/or parent are allowed to attend.


Please see supplementary regulations for this weekend here:

Download here:

Please take note of sign-on and scrutiny times for your class. Please remember to also print your indemnity form and bring this to sign on with you, click here for a how to videos on using the EVA system, including printing your indemnity form.

If you are unable to attend your allocated time for sign-on and scrutiny for adverse reason you must email us by midnight on Friday 27th to book a slot for Sunday morning. Email: Sunday morning slots are extremely limited and will be given under adverse conditions.


To maintain social distancing, each class will be given a designated sign-on time. These sign-on times can be found in the supplementary regulations. There will be no sign-on granted outside of these times and there is no sign-on on Sunday. Please remember to print off your indemnity form and bring it to sign-on with you, your form should be signed before arriving at the sign-on desk.


Scrutiny will also take place on Saturday, times for scrutiny are outlined in the supplementary regulations. There will be no scrutiny outside of these times and there is no scrutiny on Sunday.


To maintain social distancing, there will be no physical notice board at this weekend’s racing.

Race results from this weekend’s meeting in Tynagh which will be published on you can access them by clicking here.

Grids will also be published here in advance of the event, as soon as entry lists are finalised. Grids will be fixed, and any gaps on the grid will see each driver bumped up one spot to fill the gap.


Team principals most complete the following Team Principal Licence List. Team principals need to be in a position to account for their team members and those who have stayed overnight.


Please remember to print off your indemnity form and bring it to sign-on with you, your form should be signed before arriving at the sign-on desk. You need to print your indemnity from from the EVA system, please see our “How To Video” below.


If you are attending this event you must complete our pre-event questionnaire by midday on Friday 27th, this includes all drivers, parents, entrants, mechanics, and team personnel.

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their “plus 1” has completed this survey.

It is the responsibility of the Team Principals to ensure all their personnel have completed this survey.

If you do not complete this questionnaire within the allocated time you will have to report to the COVID-19 officer on duty on Sunday morning, it is at their discretion whether you are granted access to the track on Sunday.


IAME World Finals 2021 Update

The 2021 IAME World Finals will be held this October in Adria in Italy, from Oct 18th to 23rd. Naturally the attendance numbers are reduced for 2021 and as a consequence the number of seats available for us to award are also reduced.

MI Karting have been given the following allocation:

  • Mini: One Seat
  • X30 Junior: Three Seats
  • X30 Senior: Three Seats
  • X30 Master: One Seat

It will not be possible to purchase seats outside of this allocation.

You may have noticed that the World Finals are taking place before our Championship will be concluded – meaning the allocation of seats will be done slightly differently this year.

World Final Seats will be allocated as follows:

Championship positions following MI Round Six on September 26 will be used to select the seat winners:

  • The Mini seat will be awarded to the driver holding position number 1 in the Cadet class
  • The X30 Junior seat will be awarded to the drivers holding position 1 to 3 in the X30 Junior class
  • The X30 Senior seat will be awarded to the drivers holding position 1 to 3 in the X30 Senior class
  • The X30 Master seat will be awarded to the driver holding position number 1 in the X30 Master class

Should any of the selected drivers not wish to take the offer, the next driver in the standings will be offered the seat.

Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission Launches Girls on Track

Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission, led by chairman Kieran Coleman is pleased to launch ‘Girls on Track’ which will support Irish female Motorsport Ireland (MI) license holders, who are competing in MI Karting events across Ireland from the age of six years upwards.   

Motorsport Ireland Kart Racing is an all-inclusive sport catering for both male and female competitors and is one of the few sports where male and female competitors can compete together on a level playing field from an early age.

The MI Karting Commission wants to ensure that young girls competing in Karting are supported, encouraged and given equal opportunities so that they can achieve their full potential, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in the sport.  

Kieran Coleman, Chairman, Motorsport Ireland Karting Commission commented: “Through MI Karting Girls on Track, we want our young female competitors to feel that they are part of the MI Karting family and show that kart racing is open to women, in all of its aspects of sport, no matter whether they are a competitor, official, mechanic, sister, daughter or Mum.”

John Naylor, President, Motorsport Ireland said “We want to encourage more females into Irish motorsport and karting is a great place to start from as early as 6 years of age.  Through Girls on Track, Motorsport Ireland will nurture and support our young female license holders so that they can reach their full potential here in Ireland and internationally.” 

The objectives of Motorsport Ireland Karting Girls on Track are as follows:

  • Develop a programme of activity which will help young motorsport Ireland female licence holders to reach their full potential
  • Develop social and educational programmes in order to encourage greater participation of women in motorsport.
  • Support young female drivers with mentoring, coaching, physical training and sports psychology
  • Increase the visibility and profile of all the female drivers in our sport
  • Demonstrate that women are recognised and valued by the Motorsport Ireland Kart Commission.

An open forum meeting for Girls on Track will be held on Wednesday 26th May at 19.30 via Zoom to kick of the 2021 Karting Season.   Please contact if you would like to attend.

For the most up-to-date information on the Motorsport Ireland Karting Championship and how to get started, visit email  or

Commission Update 06/09/2020

We are delighted to be returning to racing next weekend and to release our Return to Sport COVID-19 Policy this policy document has been prepared with the safety of our competitors, teams and officials in mind. It is essential that everyone attending an MI Karting event familiarise themselves with the following document and their new responsibilities.


Commission Update 19/07/2020

  1. Cadets are now permitted to use 2 sets of tyres for our shortened season. Previously it was 3 sets. The above refers to cadet slick tyres. Wets are as usual open .
  2. The kart commission has been advised by the Motorsport Ireland medical commission that any driver, entrant or parent who recently travelled to countries not listed on the government green list will have to observe the 14 day quarantine period from their return. Anybody found to be non-compliant with this issue will be excluded from the event and any remaining rounds of the 2020 championship.
  3. Please note motorsport Ireland will be appointing a number of COVID officers at our events. One officer will be the lead officer and will be a named judge of fact and will enforce the COVID protocols. Following 3 breaches of the rule by a participant, they will be asked to leave the facility.
  4. 2020 MI Karting championship will consist of 4 rounds and no dropped rounds will be allowed.
  5. We would ask all drivers who have registered on the EVA system to please ensure their full address is entered. It is also vital to have the correct transponder number entered as this is the number we will be forwarding to, if you are hiring a transponder just enter HIRING.