Paddock Reservation

A parking plan may be implemented at certain races at the request of the individual circuits. This is to ensure the most efficient use of paddock space.

  • The main paddock area will be reserved for awnings and work vehicles only.
  • No private cars or vans will be permitted in the main paddock.
  • Drivers who are part of a team will be required to unload their equipment into their team awning and then place their vehicle in the car park.
  • Team managers who require a driver’s vehicle to be parked next to their awning will be placed in the overflow paddock.
  • A separate camper\motorhome parking area will be provided outside of the working paddock.
  • The parking plan will be generated to make the most efficient use of the available space and spaces that a team\driver may have considered to be their space in the past will not be automatically allocated.
  • The paddock plan will form part of the supplementary regulations for the event and failure to adhere to them will result in the application of penalties.
  • Team Principals are responsible for their team members and must ensure they obey the plan and relocate their vehicles if requested to.

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